Technical Requirements


  • You will require broadband in order to play the Lámh sign videos online. You will need a 3G, 4G, or wifi internet connection to stream the videos to your device.

  • There is currently no option to download the videos and watch them offline. They are played from a 3rd party video streaming website.


  • This resource is built using responsive design principles so that it will play on a number of different screen sizes - including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

  • However, it is important that your particular device is able to play videos. The easiest way to judge this is to play the video on this page on your device. All our videos are treated in a similar manner although they will appear larger on larger screen sizes.

Membership & Access

  • Remember, you must have completed a Lámh course in order to access this resource. Lámh signs are not taught in isolation.

  • These Lámh sign video clips are a part of your Lámh Course Training Pack, and are of most benefit when used alongside of the Lámh Handbook & Signbook you received from your Lámh Tutor.

  • You can apply for Membership online with details of the course you have completed. Your details will be verified by Lámh staff who will then activate your membership for online access, within five working days.


  • If you're having trouble purchasing/playing/using the resource please contact Lámh at with details of your exact problem, the name and version of your device, your browser and platform name and version and details of your Internet broadband connection.