About This Resource

This resource provides concise video clips of our Lámh sign experts demonstrating Lámh signs. These Lámh sign video clips are a part of your Lámh Course Training Pack, and are of most benefit when used alongside of the Lámh Handbook & Signbook you received from your Lámh Tutor.

The resource has been developed as a support for families and other communication partners, who can now practice Lámh signs using these detailed video clips. Included are close ups of some Lámh signs, demonstrations of the handshapes used to make the Lámh signs.

What is Lámh?

Lámh is the manual or key word sign system used by children and adults with intellectual disability and communication needs in Ireland.

Lámh is grant-aided by the HSE. Lámh is endorsed by the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists and Down Syndrome Ireland.

Technical Requirements

  • View our Technical Requirements before you apply for membership to ensure that the device on which you will be viewing the Lámh sign videos will play them correctly.

Why are Lámh charging for this resource?

In order for Lámh to be able to develop new resources like this one, and the Lámh-a-Song DVD, we need to charge for materials. Developments are not funded and without the percentage received from this resource and our other materials, no new materials would be produced.

Lámh is a not-for-profit organisation and has charity status.

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